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Create a catalyst that inspires something new to happen for organizations, institutions, art forms, or belief systems. Be the "hero" that defends against apathy and obsolescence. 






Jazz is not dead. But it is complicated.


Jazz as a genre still has it’s string of followers, from those who attend a show here and there to those who are exclusive listeners. And all these fans would argue that Jazz is alive and well to them. But what is evident is that the more someone knows about Jazz tends to correlate with the amount of time they invest it in. And that’s because Jazz is complicated. It’s complexity in sound along with its long list of subgenres and epic history make Jazz more of an investment than a pastime.


The problem is, unless you invest in Jazz, you won’t get it. And today most of us know only the basics.

^^Wait, what is this? Jazz by its very nature is complicated. From its extensive history to the way it's played. But it is it's improvisational form and it's lack of rules which make Jazz. . . well Jazz. 



Make Jazz fundamental in the education process, helping create early exposure and allowing children to truly understand the power and beauty of Jazz and the role it plays in American culture and music. 




While creating a campaign to promote Jazz among millennials could increase awareness, it can’t guarantee an increase in adoption. That’s because most of us already have our music tastes set. And while some of us are willing to explore and dabble in new areas, the majority have little desire to take on a new (and complicated) genre.


Besides, Jazz is not new to us. We know what it is and we’ve heard it before. But we usually don’t invest in Jazz because we haven’t taken the time to tackle its complexities. And unless you’re an avid music explorer, it’s too late for that.


Kids offer a unique opportunity, as they are only at the beginning their journey in discovering music. This is the time when they are acquiring their tastes and developing their understanding of music.


Additionally, at this stage music plays an important part in their learning and developing of other concepts.



Create an affinity and understanding for Jazz at an early age so that as children grow they embrace the genre as an art form and recognize its importance and relevance to American culture today.


Viewership is on the rise


Since 2010, national viewership of children's programming has shrunk across all kids' channels except Sprout, which increased in ratings by 51% in 2014

                                                                                            -TRAC Media

Network Values; They're more than just entertainment


“Sprout inspires families to take part in the possibilities that exist every single day by creating experiences and fun, meaningful content to help families learn, develop, be and grow together.”


They're already taking interactive to a new level


Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave is TV series that encourages viewers (both parents and children) to watch the show while accessing a companion interactive mobile app.


Launched in Feb of 2014, this type of programing goes a step beyond shows like ‘Blues Clues’ and ‘Dora the Explorer’ where kids are yelling answers to the screen. 



This series follows the day-to-day life of a creative girl named Tazz in her hometown of New Orleans! Each episode focuses on the identification and expression of an emotion through the use of innovative forms like scat singing. This series seeks to develop children’s self-analysis, creativity, expression, and behavior. 

o.m.g. a ghost!



Interactive Books/Toys

TV Series

Online Game

Streaming Services

Interactive books will walk through the daily adventures of Tazz and allow kids to learn about better understanding emotions and self-expression. 

In addition to TV, Tazz will have a strong presence online, beginning with her own interactive game that allows kids to walk through scenarios in which they can choose their emotional reactions. Most importantly, the results are never bad, because Tazz teaches you that all our emotions matter!  


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Brand Manager:


Natalia Estrada
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