the best of me, the worst of me

My name is always the first hurdle//great conversation starter.  


Yep, I said Natal-ia, not Natalie. Yep it's Russian. Nope, I am not. Guatemalan actually. See, now we've got a conversation going. I don't have a middle name. You'd think that would make life easier, given that it's one less thing to worry about. But the truth is, I spend more time explaining why I don't have a middle name than it would take to actually tell people a middle name. And this goes for people I'm meeting and the DMV alike. I won't bother telling the story here, but go ahead and ask me where my middle name went (everyone else does). ANYWAY, my friends call me nats or nattie for short. But I love Natalia just the same. I am, however, considering possible middle names, because who says it's too late? Suggestions are welcome. 


Now that we're passed that:


I drive like a maniac/(road) rules don't hold me back.  I believe in ice cream for breakfast. I've been working on making the perfect omlette. Not there yet. If I could have a power, it'd be to read minds. I think it's because I have a need to know all things at all times. I enjoy when things are opposites. I'm terrible at centering things (as you'll notice). I watch 20/20 to go to bed. Crime shows sooth me and I don't know why. Baking helps me think. Cooking helps me eat. I often ramble in writing, but I am reserved in my speech. I appreciate quiet moments. I work best under pressure. I consider napping a pretty important hobby. I always pick glass half full. Family is important to me. And yes, I'm a Scorpio. 🍦