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The ask:


Pick a brand that has been overlooking a particular segment and retarget the brand to help reach to a new set of consumers. 

Why Rosetta Stone?


Learning a new language isn't always about the pretty stuff. 


For over 20 years Rosetta Stone has been providing software that allows people like you and me to learn a new language in a quick and easy way. The problem is, we often think of Rosetta Stone in a particular context. But the truth is, there is a completely different conversation that Rosetta Stone is not having. Language learning isn't always about immersing yourself in a new language. Sometimes it's about so much more than that. And there is a an entire segment of language learners who might not think of Rosetta Stone . . . even at all. And thus, we found a missed opportunity here. One that we knew could not only increase Rosetta Stone's market share, but could do something even bigger. It could help change the lives of a new set of consumers. Our goal was to ensure that Rosetta Stone was going beyond their normal conversation, reaching out to those who needed them the most.

Rosetta's typical target:

Is learning a new language:


-for travel/adventure

-cultural expansion

-as a hobby

-experience something new

-to better communicate with loved ones

-improve resume/abilities 

-as a school/work requirement

-increase/improve their own business

-is a small business owner 

-to simply learn something new

-for fun

The messaging typically speaks to:


-the possibilities of adventure

-cultural immersion

-meeting new people

-easing travel anxiety/snafus (seamless travel)

-improving self worth

-attaining new friends/better relationships 

-improving resume/abilities 

-rising in work/school settings

-increasing employee assets 

-bettering partner/consumer relationships 

-making learning a new language fun, easy, and effective

The forgotten consumer:


1st Generation (Foreign Born) Hispanics (25-49) wishing to learn/improve language skills.

First generation Hispanics represent a growing set of consumers who fit the needs Rosetta Stone fulfills. They're looking for an effective way to learn the English language, as they see mastering the English as a priority and integral part of succeeding in the US. 

The consumer at the core:


Heritage Independence. Family-first work ethic.



These consumers want to learn English in the pursuit of a higher quality life for themselves and their family.



Learning English is core to advancement in their career and feeling ‘at home’ in the United States.

The problem:


Learning a new language can be difficult.

It's time consuming, it can be expensive, and as an adult it can be intimidating. 


On top of that, Rosetta Stone has got to make it's way through a crowded set of language learning resources. 


The product:


While Rosetta Stone's traditional software falls out of reach for the target consumer, the app is an ideal resource for them as it provides easy and affordable access.


The ability to create multiple users is another way to assure affordability as well as accessibility. It also allows users to learn at their own pace and stop and save their progress. 



The Strategy:


Throughout our research we bounced around countless ideas. But still, we struggled to pin-point exactly what was at the core of our consumer's struggle. And the further we delved into these thoughts the more flustered we became. This led us to a point where even our own words were difficult to put together cohesively. And this very moment, when communicating to each other was crucial, yet difficult to do, was what led us to our insight. Streaming words together was simple, allowing them to convey an idea or passion was not. And not being able to do so was incredibly frustrating. 


And that's because, communication and self-expression are not one in the same.







Art direction- Anna Andreen

Copywriting-Grace Xie

XD-Brandi Thompson

Creative Brand Manager- Louisa Contaifer

Strategist- Greg Donnelly, Natalia Estrada

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